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Payment Solutions

We offer electronic and paper-based services that make cash management quick, easy, and secure. With our tools, you can develop and benefit from an orderly ecosystem that optimises the flow of cash into your business.

API - For International Money Transfer

For fintech and remittance companies and others. Receive settlement and payment options locally or from the diaspora.

Features of API Include:

  • Transaction Notification
  • Payments to Mobile Wallets
  • Payments to CBA Accounts
  • Payments to other local bank accounts (Through EFT or TISS)

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Host to Host

Ideal for your large volumes of transactions, this is a secure and automated two-way payment data transfer service that enables you to initiate transactions from your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems directly into your account, without manual interventions.

  • Automated Customer to Bank processes straight from Customer ERP Ecosystem.
  • Security through file encryption and secured VPN.
  • Files can be sent or received at any time.
  • Allows integration into most financial source ERP systems.

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Bulk Payments

Get cost-effective rates for multiple or large sets of transfers with our flexible Bulk Payment solutions that allow you to choose from multiple bulk payment processing modes such as Tigo Pesa Bulk, Mpesa Bulk, TISS or EFT Bulk and Cross border Bulk.

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Internal Funds Transfer

Send money from one NCBA bank account to another for free and with real-time value.

  • Has no transaction limits.
  • Payment supports local and major foreign currencies.
  • Available through Online Banking, In-branch, Application Interfaces (API) and Host to Host payments.

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Funds Transfer – Mobile Payments

Transfer money from your bank account to your phone instantly and at any time.

  • Transaction limit of TZS 1,500,000 per day, and TZS 500,000 per transaction.
  • This payment supports local currency transactions only.
  • Supports payment to M-Pesa, TIGO Pesa, EzyPesa, Airtel Money and HaloPesa.

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SWIFT Transfer

Transfer an unlimited amount of money to both local and international accounts within one working day, relative to the beneficiary time zone.

  • Has no transaction limit.
  • Supports major foreign currency transactions
  • Customers must know the beneficiary Bank SWIFT code, Fedwire, Sort Code and IBAN where applicable.
  • Beneficiary country regulations for international payments also apply.

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TISS Funds Transfer

TISS Funds Transfer is a Real-Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS) system implemented by the Bank of Tanzania. It facilitates payment instructions between banks, offering you convenience with real-time value to accounts.

  • Has no transaction limit.
  • Meant for high value and sensitive payments.
  • Payment supports local and foreign currency transactions.
  • Available through Online Banking, In-branch, Application Interfaces (API) and Host to Host payments.

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EFT Funds Transfer

Transfer money from one bank account to another in Tanzania. This facility also enables you to make bulk payments such as salary payouts to local accounts within one working day. Transactions are cheaper and easy and available on Online and Mobile banking.

  • Money is transferred within 1 working day if processed within working hours of 8 AM to 3 PM.
  • Transaction limit of TZS 20,000,000.
  • This payment supports local currency transactions only.
  • Customers must know the beneficiary Bank and Branch code.

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