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Collection Solutions

Our commitment to innovation ensures the delivery of tailored client solutions that aim to enhance the experience and solve challenges at all stages of your organisation’s financial solutions. Let us help you choose from a comprehensive suite of collections solutions.

Float Financing for Agents

M-Pesa, Tigo Pesa and EzyPesa agents and dealers can now access float and airtime financing from NCBA Bank. Enjoy flexible loan amounts, depending on your customer turnover and collections.

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Super Agency Service

A quick and easy way for mobile money agents to buy float for their operating tills. Cash deposits facilitate the real-time acquisition of float for agents including M-Pesa, Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money and EzyPesa.

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TPB Bank Nostro

NCBA customers can now deposit money into their NCBA accounts through any Tanzania Postal Bank and their deposits will be reflected in their accounts on the same day.

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Cash Deposit Machine (CDM)

If you receive most of your business payments in cash then this is the solution for you. Deposits are credited to your account in real-time, enabling efficient cash flow, added security, enhanced reconciliation, and time-saving. The device also has the capacity to detect counterfeit notes.

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Online Cheque Deposit

This is a safe and convenient way for you to scan and upload cheques to your business. Simply scan your cheque at your premises and get real-time credit to your current account.

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Cash in Transit (CIT)

Get a tailor-made C.I.T collection structure to suit your business needs. We have the experience and capability to ensure an efficient and secure transit system for you.

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Lipa Na M-Pesa (LIPIKA)

A free service that allows you to receive payment for goods and services easily through your phone. The service provides a seamless process to move money from your M-Pesa Till Number into your bank account. Both you and your customer receive a confirmation upon payment.

  • Main till is created with an unlimited number of child tills.
  • Each child till gets a different shortcode.
  • Payments received into the child till are rolled up to the main till at regular intervals.
  • The portal reflects all the transactions done on the tills immediately.
  • Web access and settlement of funds to the bank can only be done at the main till.

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M-Pesa Paybill

Set up your business account to receive payments directly into your current account through a bank-issued M-Pesa till number. Enjoy increased efficiency with real-time credits to your NCBA account.

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