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About Us

On 6th December 2018, it was announced that NIC Bank, an institution with a rich history of retail banking; and CBA Bank, a forerunner of innovation in the banking space, would be merging to form a new bank with unmatched strength, expertise and regional reach.

The new NCBA has harnessed the power of both NIC and CBA to create a bank that brings together the best of both worlds — from cutting edge mobile banking to good old-fashioned relationship management; from scalable business banking to financial services that grow as your business does; from best-in-class choice of products to investment solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Our extensive branch network and friendly service mean that you are part of the most universal yet personal bank in East Africa.

We still hold personal relationships at the heart of everything we do. Because we believe that truly great relationships are built on each other’s success and that greatness is not some rare gift but is achieved one step at a time. We put the long-term interest of the customers and the communities first. We are the bank that will support Kenya’s and the region’s economic growth aspirations.

Welcome to the bank that banks on your ambition. Welcome to the Bank that says “Go For It”.

Welcome to NCBA.

NCBA Merger Timelines and Key Milestones

December 2018

Boards of NIC and CBA authorized the commencement of discussions regarding a potential merger.

January 2019

Boards of Directors of NIC and CBA unanimously voted to recommend to shareholders a merger of the two banks.

April 2019

Shareholders of NIC and CBA approve the merger.

May 2019

Announced Group Managing Director and Chairman of the Kenyan Banking Subsidiary announced leadership of the new entity.

September 2019

Approvals received from the Central Bank of Kenya and the Cabinet Secretary of National Treasury.

October 2019

We merge into NCBA.