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Aprili 26, 2024 NCBA Boosts Financial Inclusion In East Africa Region Through Launch Of NCBA Now App

The NCBA Now app offers a comprehensive suite of features accessible anytime, anywhere to both customers and non-customers. NCBA Group has unveiled its innovative banking omnichannel application, NCBA Now, in Tanzania in a bid to enhance digital banking penetration and offer a better overall experience for its customers. The NCBA Now App offers real-time account

Soma Zaidi
Agosti 16, 2023 Turning the Tide: NCBA Bank Tanzania Achieves 11.5 Billion TZS Profit in H1 2023

It is with immense pride and a sense of accomplishment that we, at NCBA Bank Tanzania, proudly share this transformative achievement – a net profit after tax of 11.5 billion TZS in H1, a stark reversal from last year’s 15.8 billion TZS loss. This turnaround is a testament to our unwavering commitment to the Targeted

Soma Zaidi
Juni 12, 2023 NCBA Bank Tanzania Limited Pledges Support for Arusha’s Prosperity at Customer Dinner

NCBA Tanzania recently hosted a customer dinner at the Gran Meliá Arusha Hotel, aiming to foster stronger relationships with its valued customers and discuss important developments. The event served as a platform to showcase the bank’s renewed commitment to supporting the thriving tourism industry in Arusha. The Managing Director & CEO of NCBA Bank Tanzania,

Soma Zaidi
Juni 2, 2023 NCBA Tanzania: Supporting The Community Beyond Golf Tournaments

NCBA Tanzania, a prominent financial institution, has once again demonstrated its commitment to making a positive impact on society by sponsoring the Golf Tournament organized by The Rotary Club of Bahari, held at the Dar es Salaam Gymkhana Club. The annual tournament, known for its philanthropic endeavours, has received tremendous support from NCBA in its

Soma Zaidi
Mei 23, 2023 NCBA Bank Achieves Remarkable Performance in Q1 2023

Our bank has achieved remarkable results in the first quarter of 2023, securing the fourth position among mid-sized banks! This incredible achievement is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and our strategic vision for growth. Claver Serumaga, our esteemed Managing Director and Chief Executive, attributes this outstanding performance to our new Target Operating

Soma Zaidi
Mei 23, 2023 NCBA Sponsors TZ Junior Golf Team

NCBA Bank is driving the future of golf in Tanzania by sponsoring the Watoto Juniors Golf Team in the All Africa Juniors Competition. This sponsorship showcases the bank’s commitment to community development and fostering talent in various sectors, including sports. On April 6th, 2023, NCBA Bank announced its support for the Watoto Juniors Golf Team,

Soma Zaidi
Mei 23, 2023 Embracing Equity: Celebrating Women’s Achievements at NCBA Bank Tanzania

As we look back on the month of March, we are proud to have celebrated International Women’s Day at NCBA Bank Tanzania with the theme “Embracing Equity.” We believe in creating a workplace where everyone has equal opportunities to succeed, and we were excited to recognize the achievements and contributions of women in our organization

Soma Zaidi
Mei 23, 2023 Our Expansion Plans and Introduction of New Managing Director at NCBA Bank Tanzania

We recently hosted a gala dinner for our valued customers, where we announced our plans to expand into key economic sectors including FMCG, transportation, energy, and manufacturing. At NCBA Bank Tanzania, we recognize the critical role these sectors play in Tanzania’s growth and development, and we are committed to being a part of that growth.

Soma Zaidi